PT. Sedaya Bahtera Jaya

Indonesia Ship Chandler Service Provider

We take our self as a trusted and reliable Partner for Marine Food Supply in Indonesia territories.

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About Us

PT. Sedaya Bahtera Jaya (PT. SBJ) has experience in supplying food needs for shipping crews.

We are a registered partner in several shipping company groups in Indonesia including PT. Pertamina for Ship Chandler provider.

Whatever your shipping crew’s food needs, anytime and anywhere, you can always trust us to meet those needs quickly and on time.

Our Services

Provisions Ship Chandler. In general, we supply all food needs for shipping crews, such as fresh vegetables, fresh meat, fresh fruit, frozen food, beverages such as coffee, milk, and so on.

We always prioritize the quality of the products we supply in order to maintain the health and nutritional needs of your shipping crew.

We have a complete and reliable food and beverage supply network in Indonesia to always be able to meet your delivery requests to your ship.

Our Ship Chandler Services

Our Process

Item List

Before sending quatotation, we may need item list from you.


We send you detailed quotation with price and delivery schedule.


Cooperating with Captain and Crew on regular basis for open sea delivery.

Open Sea Delivery

Our Clients

logo ship chandler indonesia PT SBJ

PT. Sedaya Bahtera Jaya

Registered Indonesia Ship Chandler Services Company.

Jl. Antareja No.21, Setiamekar,
Tambun Selatan, Bekasi,
Jawa Barat 17510.

📱 081285036677

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